Biden’s Obamacare Subsidies Help Struggling Americans Get Back On Their Feet

retooling the Affordable Care Act

In the United States, few political issues serve as a ‘lightning rod’ as much as healthcare. President Biden and his administration are actively retooling the Affordable Care Act system into a system of even more advantages. For many, it offers new hope.

On Feb 15th, President Biden opened up a particular Obamacare enrollment period. This enrollment period will end on Aug 15th, but already, more than one million people have opted to sign up. The impressive signup numbers indicate that many Americans are struggling and looking for relief in healthcare finances.

When you combine the latest enrollment with Covid-19 relief bill restrictions placed on consumer healthcare costs, many people find dramatic savings.

The Biden administration invested $100 million into healthcare via marketing initiatives. Moreover, there has been an infusion of $80 million into non-profit navigator programs. Although further legislation will help eliminate unreasonable coverage issues, the current initiatives seem to be working.

Not every state uses the platform. Currently, there are 36 states tapping into the system. “These 36 states have had…drought, neglect, and active efforts to, in essence, discourage enrollment,” said Peter V. Lee, the executive director of California’s health benefit exchange. “And now we’ve had a Biden administration that did marketing, that actually got the word out and affirmatively said, ‘If people are uninsured, they should know they’ve got options.’ They’ve also added what I would call fertilizer, which is the new subsidies from the American Rescue Plan.”

The COVID-19 pandemic drove many people into unemployment, along with creating critical health issues. These conditions have been ripe for creating a sweeping healthcare crisis. People from low-income to middle-class continue to search for affordable healthcare options. For those families in the midst of healthcare turmoil, acquiring a healthcare advocate could help stave off some future financial burden.

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