COBRA Relief! Can you benefit from the new legislation?

cobra health insurance

The American Rescue Plan Act has a number of interesting, and likely little understood, benefits that reimburse Health Insurance premiums for families that lost their job in the last 18 months.

To put it simply, if you lost your job, went on COBRA, but your employer didn’t offer any financial support for the cost of COBRA, you can be reimbursed. That’s it!

Yes, there are a lot of qualifiers for you and your family to be eligible, but the opportunity to recoup a portion of your premiums could be significant. Read More!

Like anything from the government, the steps for ‘How to…’ can be daunting.

A few more great benefits with the legislation? Are you are 26 year old that came off of your parents insurance OR newly divorced and lost health insurance due to the Spouse plan? You may also have a few benefits built into this legislation through the marketplace

Here is what else you need to know, though! The traditional era of Health Insurance is being disrupted. There are many other opportunities for you and your family to find Benefits options. Just because you didn’t find what you needed last year, or the years before, don’t quit asking. The marketplace is changing and having someone that thinks about you and your family needs is valuable.

I started Indigo Partners for this very reason! As a licensed broker, I work for many insurance companies and offer their products in the marketplace. Year after year, I see my groups struggle with rising and staggering costs of premiums. I personally believe it’s the signs of disruption coming, and its why the Indigo Team is remaining watchful for those opportunities to help your small business, your employees and your families. For more information, take a moment and review a few options available today at or set a time to discuss further!

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