Group Health Insurance Plans

The ability to provide group health insurance benefits has a significant impact on employee retention and loyalty. The problem for employers is that health insurance costs keep rising. The dilemma for many business owners is - How do you attract and retain employees, by offering group health insurance plans, without breaking your budget or theirs?

That is where having an experienced group health insurance provider like Indigo Partners becomes an important advocate for your business. While you are focused on running your business, Indigo Partners is able to design an insurance package that fits your company's unique situation. You reap the rewards without having to research, call, and comb through hundreds of options.

Many business owners become frustrated with the entire process and settle for an insurance plan out of exhaustion or choose to avoid the plan selection process all together. Indigo Partners is a team of agents with years of expertise in navigating the various plans and options. After speaking with you and getting to understand your company's insurance needs, we are able to eliminate plans that don't fit and present you with the best solution. Our experience and expertise ensures that your company is matched with the best group health insurance plan for you and your employees.

For every company across the nation, employee retention and loyalty remain high on the list for ROI. Working with Indigo Partners to create the best group heath insurance package for your employees gives you an opportunity to show your staff your are invested in their well-being. No matter how big or small, we make sure you are matched with the best, most affordable insurance benefits package available so your company can grow and succeed.

National Network Options

Indigo Partners Offers:

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Traditional employee benefit plan offerings with award winning service.