Health Benefits are Important to Your Cannabis and Marijuana Business

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Health benefits have the potential to be very beneficial to your marijuana and cannabis business. Currently in the U.S., there are over 20 states that allow the usage and selling of both medical and recreational marijuana. With this legalization in states such as: Missouri, Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia, Michigan, Vermont and Washington D.C. just to name a few, there is no denying the fact that the selling of cannabis industry is growing rapidly. Companies will be seeking employees to come work for them and you need a way to entice your employees to either stay employed with you or make yourself attractive to those seeking employment. Offering health benefits is one of the ways to do this and stay a cut above the rest in the retail business of marijuana and cannabis. 

Indigo Partners LLC offers traditional health insurance as well as three different types of plans for you to choose from to fit your company’s health benefits needs. 

Basic Plan– $0 Telemedicine and Telemental Health visit fee, prescription savings and discounted lab testing, imaging and CT scans.

Signature Plan Includes the Basic Plan, plus dental, vision, diabetic supply, vitamin and hearing aid discounts along with health advocacy and medical bill saver.

Premiere Plan– All Basic and Signature Benefits, plus financial wellness, online wellness (fitness and health), caregiver package, legal services and pet care discounts.
Offering benefits to your employees is important because it shows them that you have a genuine concern about their overall health and well-being. It shows them that you are invested in their future and that you care. Statistics show that 49% of your employees will start searching for new employment opportunities within 12 months if they are unhappy with the benefits you offer, while 78% of employees reported being more likely to stay in their current position if the benefit packages are appealing.
So ask yourself this question. What does your business and its employees mean to you? Allow Indigo Partners LLC to pair you with the perfect health benefits plan that suits both your employee and business needs. Give us a call at 866-463-4463 to schedule your consultation today!

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