Healthcare Premium Relief On The Way For Struggling Americans

covid healthcare relief

The majority of Americans rely on healthcare through their employer. But, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic increased joblessness in our country at astounding rates, translating to a dramatic rise in the number of Americans who lack healthcare coverage.

But recent changes to the synergy between the American Rescue Plan and the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) offer crucial relief to millions of families. Namely, relief is coming in the way of dramatically lower premiums for families who otherwise could not afford healthcare coverage.

And this is a big deal. As more Americans struggle to pay premiums, even when they have gainful employment which offers a plan option, further assistance helps stave off a worsening healthcare scenario. In other words, the healthcare marketplace is reopened for business, and there are new, low-cost options available to more people.

“We’re finding four out of five individuals are finding health insurance plans as low as $10 a month or less. And for a family of four that might have had premiums of $400, they’re finding premiums for as low as $163 a month for quality health insurance,” Dr. LaShawn Mclver told Orlando’s Fox News affiliate.

While current healthcare initiatives seem hyperfocused on low-income families, many high-income families will also find relief. For example, a family who earns more than $70,000 a year might save up to $1000/month.

Experts expect new changes in the healthcare marketplace to significantly help struggling minorities. According to statistics cited by Pew Research Center, one in four Hispanics do not have healthcare coverage.


Among the reasons considered for low coverage among Latinos are immigration status fears, low income, and application complexities.

New changes should also help improve healthcare conditions for black Americans, who the White House estimates account for 350,000 uninsureds. For every American looking for alternatives to Cobra, these latest changes should help offer relief.

New enrollment ends on August 15th.


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