Indigo Partners: Insurance and Health Benefits Interview with Hispanic Chamber

Indigo Partners Hispanic Chamber interview 2022

Health insurance is a big deal for minorities, the self-employed and small, Mom & Pop, businesses. Each year health insurance costs and deductibles have increased. In most cases, even if health insurance was being offered at a reduced cost to the employee, the cost to add a spouse or cover their household was too high.

Recently, our founder Jacquelynn Neat, was interviewed by the Kansas City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to talk about why she started Indigo Partners. In this interview she highlighted changes in the insurance industry and what that means to small businesses and individuals. Jacque found insurance alternatives. She can design a traditional insurance group plan or a health benefits plan that allows a company with 50 or less employees, anywhere in the United States, to offer benefits to their employees and their families at a fraction of the cost. 

In October of 2022, the government passed a law that allows for employees covered by a group or subsidized insurance plan to be able to expand that same subsidy qualification to their immediate family. This changed the outlook for many people across the country, making coverage for family members more affordable. This meant more people could participate in health insurance coverage at a lower cost or, for those who had not been covered due to high costs, could now receive healthcare benefits.

As we get older, the insurance rates increase. No matter what your age, to get an insurance plan that is affordable, you must set the higher deductible. A couple in their 50’s could be paying upwards of $2000/month for coverage. An individual paying $500-$600 per month for insurance could have a $5000 or more deductible. One accident, which leads to a hospital stay, can cost $10,000. After the deductible is paid, you still owe your premium and the remaining balance on that stay. This is exactly why Indigo Partners exists!

Indigo Partners helps small businesses throughout the United States design health care plans that fit their specific needs. Most individual plans are $400-$900 per person, depending on age. Insurance plans can be created where the company can offset some of this cost and make the premium more affordable. But not all companies can afford to subsidize the insurance plan premium. Indigo Partners developed a low-cost solution that provides access to basic healthcare needs as well as discounts to things like prescriptions, vision and dental, lab work, mental health and even legal services. Now any company, throughout the USA, can offer their employees and their household, an Indigo benefits plan which includes the essential health services they need.

Watch the video to learn more about how the Indigo Partners benefits plans work, how they are able to provide bilingual services, how they can provide access to medical consultation and mental health for $0 per visit, and how the cost to the company could be approximately $40 per month per employee.

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