Premier Plan

The premier healthcare plan is our most expansive benefits plan, covering everything in our basic and signature plans PLUS additional benefits such as legal services, financial wellness and more! You can choose to pay for this plan through your company or charge back to the employee through payroll deduction. All our healthcare benefits plans cover the employee and their household at no additional charge.

For groups with 10 or more enrolled members, the premier healthcare benefits plan virtual Telemedicine services are free. Should you have less than 10 employees, there is a $15 copay for each Telemedicine visit.

The premier healthcare plan is designed to give discounted, often free, access to your employees and their household to some of the most common needs. This plan includes:

Financial Wellness

This benefit guides members through the major financial changes they'll face throughout life, from paying for college to buying a home to navigating the loss of a spouse. Members can achieve financial wellness with live one-on-one coaching from accredited financial counselors and independent learning through online resources.

Online Wellness: Fitness & Health

This wellness program features tools to help you lose weight, get fit, get healthier, quit tobacco, reduce stress, manage certain health conditions, and reach other health goals. Included are personal workouts, health tips, thousands of articles, and more.

Caregiver Package

Connected Caregiving Platform

Empowering caregivers to efficiently manage their caregiving responsibilities using a web-based platform for storing vital medical information, coordinating with care team members, sharing updates with family, and participating in virtual support groups and education.

Care Companions

Reduce the stress of caregiving by sending thoroughly vetted helpers who can provide companionship and assistance with transportation, household chores, technology lessons, and more.

Legal Services

Have legal questions?  Get answers from experienced lawyers at discounted rates.  Attorneys help with traffic tickets, bankruptcy, divorce, and child support.  Free services* include one-on-one consultations, attorney made phone calls, help with legal documents, assistance with Welfare and INS, representation in small claims court, and a Simple and Living Will.

*In certain situations, attorney liability may require plan attorneys to ask for a retainer prior to providing some of the free legal services. 

Petcare Discounts

25% off all in-house medical services at participating veterinarians. Additional discounts on everything from toys to treats to boarding and eats.